What Girlfriends 4 Girlfriends Is All About

Our group wants to help girlfriends out there who are having a hard time by showing our love and support. These hard times could be due to an illness or it may be because her husband, her mother, her father or, horribly, her child is sick. We no longer want to just sit back and say “that’s sad, what can I do?” During this period of time we know we can’t take away the illness or tragedy, but we hope in some way, we can give them a gift of friendship that makes them smile for a minute, and know they’re not alone. We may be able to pay for a doctor’s appointment that they would otherwise not attend, buy a wig that they may otherwise not be able to justify buying as it means the rest of the family then go without, or give a donation because they have been unable to work due to illness and in turn kids go without Christmas presents.

You may think these girlfriends are strangers, or they’re someone else’s friend or just someone you read about, but they are not. These are our girlfriends that sit and walk beside us every day that silently go without the little things and sometimes the big things that may even affect their health and stop them feeling good about themselves. At this time of hardship we would love to be able to help in some small way.

Our club is your club!!! Please become a member and come along to our lunches and our fundraisers, make some new friends along the way, have support in sharing your stories and hearing other’s, know you are not alone … other girlfriends maybe going through the same thing, but most importantly have a laugh and let one another know we all have each other’s back. Let’s make sure we have fun along the way while helping to raise some money to put a smile back on our girlfriend’s faces.

Please remember if you receive a “Gift of Friendship” from the Girlfriends4Girlfriends  club that it is just a gift from a girlfriend who cares x

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